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I found out.   My name is Laura Cottril, and I am an award-winning professional photographer.     I recently embarked on a journey that began with that roar, because I didn’t listen to the whisper.  As a result of it, I created what I now call The Year of Me. I did not intentionally set out to create The Year of Me. It more unfolded as the result of an act of desperation. A two-year journey of stress and heartbreak in almost every area of my life left me no choice. I took the reins and set an intention to change my life. I adopted the mantra:

If you improve yourself, you will improve your life.

From there I embarked on a trail of faith and hope, finding rewards I had not imagined. Welcome to my “The Year of Me” Website.  Come along with me on the journey and together we can find your own “Year of Me.”  I always liked the idea of learning together, we are all still learning and every year has it’s own lessons.

Click here to read my story and why I created The Year of Me. Follow this link to go to my Blog page for stories and inspiration.

What is The Year of Me?

The Year of Me is not really a year and does not have to start in January, but it is very much like a year of seasons. It begins with deep reflection and inaction. Where you are now is exactly where you are meant to be.

  •  Winter: We begin with a time for reflection.
  •  Spring: finding inspiration, gathering energy
  •  Summer: making change, outward, joining actions
  •  Autumn: saying yes, rewards of labor/actions

Some lessons you’ll learn along the way:

  • How the path to renewal follows the seasons of nature
  • Why giving can help you receive
  • How finding ways to get inspired can jumpstart your path
  • Get out of the house to open doors
  • Creating your personal “company policy” keeps you on track
  • Revealing yourself
  • Saying yes to scary offers
  • Harvesting the fruits of your labor

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