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 “There is nothing more important in my life ~ or in my business ~ than my own personal growth as a human being.      Truly, nothing is more important to me than shedding any piece of dysfunction that would hinder me from becoming the fullest representation of Spirit’s great intention for me. Nothing.” ~ David Neagle

As I was cleaning up the kitchen yesterday a small piece of paper fluttered to the floor. It was a fortune from one of our take-out dinners and said:

“Use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal. You will succeed.”

I smiled at that softened, well-traveled fortune. How does it happen that the message arrives when I most need to hear it?

I’ve been rolling a certain picture around my mind recently and am trying to figure it out. At first I see my two hands out in front of me, fingers pointing forward, hands flat, side by side. I scoop them forward, and then in my mind’s eye I see them as racecars. It is a flat, dusty highway. I am driving on the right, minding my own business and the second car drives alongside me in the oncoming traffic lane. I glance over wondering how I can lose that car. Why is it following me and being so annoying in mirroring my every move? The sun beats down; lizards scurry to safety as we pick up speed. The faster I go, the car is right there beside me. Until…I see it for what it is.

I am in a growth period. I have big plans and am breaking out of my sleepy, comfortable routine to try new things and follow the trail that looks most exciting to me. It is hard to get out of that comfortable chair. It’s like trying to get my son out of bed on a cool morning when he has his fleece blanket wrapped cozily around him. I look ahead and like the vision, yes I do. I create a map and have a driving buddy, but I am just so comfortable here.

When I did the original Year of Me I began with knowing I wanted to change my life but didn’t know where to begin. When the student is ready the teacher appears. During that year I was presented with opportunities to go to two motivational workshops in my area and I signed up! Mike Dooley writes the humorous, encouraging and motivating Notes from the Universe. His workshop was just like him! I was filled with a room full of people like me, searching for a better way and looking for the inspiration to go out and find it!

My next workshop was from one of my heroes, Jack Canfield. I had read his book The Success Principles and resonated deeply with it. To attend a one-day workshop of his was a dream come true! His combination of accepting full responsibility, practical tools, clearing limiting beliefs and inspiration gave me my Five Life Goals that became my “company policy” for moving forward.

These two workshops taught me a bigger lesson than they intended. They taught me the power of motivation. When looking for direction, feeling unmotivated or confused, or just feeling a little too “comfortable,” a workshop is a way to propel you back into your power. This tool became part of my toolbox for The Year of Me.

Here I am today, further on my path but needing another booster shot to propel me into unknown territory. Again, the teacher arrives. Jenn August called me recently and personally invited me to her weekend workshop. I’d coached with Jenn during my Year of Me and became unstoppable. Inspired by her coaching and the light she held ahead of me on my path brought me accelerated successes, including preparing me for my first speaking engagements. So when Jenn called, I thought, maybe this is the time for some inspiration.

At her workshop, Jenn gave concrete practical tools, exercises for emotional breakthroughs and most of all a sincere passion for her belief in our potential. By the end of the last day, through a letter writing exercise, I saw myself with clarity that had eluded me before.

I saw exactly what those two hands were, those two cars, one matching the others’ every move. Those two hands were what Jenn calls the Unstoppable and the Stoppable me. The faster and further along I went on my new path, the Stoppable me spoke louder and more insistently in my ear about it being time to find a job, or J. O. B. as they call it in entrepreneur land. I actually went so far as to call a friend of mine one day to ask about leads. Lucky for me she was busy so it never happened.

Sitting in that letter writing exercise my Stoppable me apologized to my Unstoppable me and that right car grew bigger, stronger and more ready for my future. The left car had been busted. The mirror had been broken; it’s shattered pieces proof that it was a lie. I didn’t need a reflection; I only had to look inside.

By following my own advice I’d recharged myself to stay on track and continue with my dream. It’s time to consult my internal GPS for rerouting, grab my driving buddy and head down the road Thelma and Louise style with the stereo blasting!


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