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I’m Not Doing Nothing…

“Sometimes one can learn much more about life, love, and happiness, when they’re single than when they’re in a relationship, when they’re looking for work than when they’re working, when they’re confused than when they’re clear, and so on…

And if they allow themselves to learn what there is to learn, rather than resist, their life will be transformed, and that which was, will be no longer.”

So happy for you, 
    The Universe (

Solitary Swimmer

It’s Winter here in my world. Yes, I live in the Northern Hemisphere and it is indeed winter, but also in my heart. Not in a cold, blustery, frozen way. In the way of hibernation, germination, the bud, the burrow, the nest. I had to review my whole Year of Me website to remind myself that, YES!, I’m in a good place. Our society doesn’t value down-time. Sitting and thinking looks like Doing Nothing. In my former life I worked in marketing agencies where hallway golf and the like was encouraged, for the creatives, as well as other funhouse activities. Driving, showering, the dusk and dawn of sleep, yoga and meditation also reveal their gems. Good ideas need a place to start and that place is “Winter.”

What is my Winter? It is a feeling in my body that it’s time for a change. Growing up, my family moved about every time we were getting settled. Now that I’m settled into a house I probably won’t move from in a long time, I feel the need for change in other ways. Does that involve photography? I don’t know. “But you’re so GOOD at it!” people proclaim when I try to explain myself. Maybe…just maybe…I’m going to be even better. Or maybe…just maybe…I will do something else entirely. That is the part I am working on. While I am preparing to bud I am nourishing my tree. I am feeding it most excellent and healthy food. I am stretching and strengthening through yoga of body and soul. I am connecting my roots closely to my family. I am stretching my branches to like-minded friends new and old. I am gathering the seeds for my new garden.

Another myth from society is that we are not worthy unless we are always in bountiful harvest. In nature it is impossible to be in a state of constant harvest. Our grocery stores fool us into believing this myth by providing strawberries in winter from Mexico. Look outside. My little strawberry plant has had a dusting of beautiful frost on it for the last week or so. Beautiful frost.

As I continue through my Winter phase by retreating and letting go, I look toward the light of Spring where ideas begin to surface. I am planning personal projects with my photography. I am exploring my connections to the environment, through photography and otherwise. I continue with yoga to ground and strengthen me. I read prolifically. I embrace being a mom and all that goes with it. I clean my house by purging and organizing, leaving less to clean and take care of. Leaving space and air. I dream of changes I want to make to my house that I never had time or energy for before. The Year of Me reminds me that by taking back my time I am healing deeply and refilling my adrenal well with new life.

I don’t have to know the ending to this story. I only need to make my daily choices with intention. My path is only put before me one stepping stone at a time. Following my truth is the best way to proceed. Listening to my body’s answers to the questions that arise gives me the information I need. If the journey is what my life is made of, I want each day to be the best, not wait for the dream of the future.

As my favorite yoga teacher reminds us at the end of class; “Victory to the True Self.” That is my mantra.

“Your ability to do nothing influences your ability to do everything.” Cheryl Richardson



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paula - January 7, 2013 - 8:23 pm

Good words on winter, we do not need to see or understand what is growing invisibly under the earth to appreciate it! There is always movement and every season is essential. Love to you!

admin - January 7, 2013 - 9:59 pm

Thank you Paula, for your wonderful comment! Love how you tied into the earth with it’s secrets!

Carol Andrews - January 8, 2013 - 4:01 pm

Your thoughts,and words warmed my heart this evening.
Spring is just around the corner…bring it on!
Hugs, C

Davina - January 10, 2013 - 6:10 pm

Laura, this is so thoughtfully and beautifully written. Each phrase brought images of comfort and coziness to mind…and made me feel like it’s okay to not be busy, to hibernate, to let ideas come and go, to wait and see until spring.

Right now I’m reading The Little House series to my kids at night and I’m so moved by the way they lived by the seasons. During the winter they stayed inside and actually hibernated.

You’ve inspired me to do more of the same. :)

Thanks, friend…

Megan King - January 10, 2013 - 6:22 pm

So beautifully written. I live in the Southern Hemisphere and battling heat. Winter time often feels like nothing is moving forward, at least until the first sign of Spring. I love that you are allowing yourself to accept what is happening and just rolling with your surroundings. Very calming!

Valerie - January 11, 2013 - 2:36 pm

Wow! Your beautiful words have captured what I too, feel in my soul…especially during winter months. Nourish away sister!! I can’t wait to see what your spring looks like!! :)

Renee Bell - January 11, 2013 - 2:53 pm

oh this is beautiful! makes me long for winter while we are stuck in our dreadful summer heat… take care, and enjoy doing nothing xx