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The Seeds You Plant

“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Last summer I found myself following the breadcrumb trail of the vintage world. One exciting whirlwind event led to the next, bringing inspiration and fresh creativity to my photography. I met wonderful new friends, I traveled and I traveled back in time. By trying something new I was planting seeds, connecting and of course one thing leads to another. That doesn’t happen when you stay home hidden behind your computer. Seed planting and making friends go hand in hand.

At times, the seed planting can come fast and furious and feels like Lucy wrapping chocolates on an accelerating conveyor belt. This is all good but sometimes you wonder about each seed planted. What if I could plant one seed and watch and wait for it to grow and flourish? The thing with seeds of intent, is the seed you just planted may not germinate right away, or even ever. If it does germinate, it may not grow into the thing you intended. This is where the seeds of intention and the seeds of plants diverge. You truly never know what harvest will come from your planting.

This is why you must plant with faith, and keep planting. You may stop and wonder, but don’t wait for the harvest. It will come and grace you with surprises and outcomes you never imagined. Even if you wonder why you’re planting, until time moves forward and you can look back over your field you could never guess where you might arrive.

As you tend your garden, think of the earth, and how the cycles of nature rotate to continuously plant, tend, harvest. Although seasonal, not all plants follow the same cycle. This is how it is with our seed planting. Gratitude arises from the give.

Whether planting slowly and intentionally, or if your conveyor belt gets going like Lucy’s, know that your seeds will grow into something amazing, because they will, and it’s glorious.

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