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It’s Okay to Start Again

Today I went to yoga. For the first time. In nine months.

With a bad knee gone bad, crying to insurance, some blessed shots and finally surgery it has really been awhile. Now I am thirteen weeks post surgery and my surgeon was skipping up and down the hall with proclamations of my perfection, being a “star,” and “normal.” I wasn’t feeling too normal, but I took his word for it and went back to Therapeutic Yoga class with my favorite instructor.

It was fun to be back. Everyone wondered where I had been and even imagined great things like I had moved on to more advanced classes. Heh heh. Well, no. This class was actually perfect. Safe, yet a little challenge, and a wonderful breathing exercise that brought much needed fresh air into my mind.

I thought back to 2010 when I started really practicing yoga, pretty much a beginner. I thought about how far I had come and here I was at the beginning again. Although I’m not, really, because I know the path now. I know what it looks like to start and make progress and thrive. So even though I’m starting over, I’m starting from an advanced beginner position. I remember in 2010 thinking “if I just go to enough yoga classes can I get rid of my back pain and depression?” The answer was and still is, yes.

I know now that all I need to do is keep showing up. Smiling faces are waiting for me. My inner self is waiting for me. It’s okay to start again. I know this path and I can do this.


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