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Why don’t we eat dessert first?


I love a good book. I love a pile of good books and I love to read. The day is ended, the house is winding down and I am teeth-brushed and ready for bed. I sift through my leaning tower of books, carefully select one, and begin to read. But now I’m tired. The words aren’t very clear on the page and the bedside light isn’t at the right angle.

I have a photographer friend, Davina Fear, who starts her day with reading and journaling. No email, no chores, just a few minutes of time for inspiration. I thought more about Davina’s ritual and I wondered, “what if I read my books in the morning?” Why do I make myself wait until my chores list is done before I can have any pleasure? Like Cinderella, we all know our chores list is never done. Set a time for your morning pleasure and give in to the luxury. Even fifteen minutes can make a difference. My yoga teacher says “even a couple of down dogs make a difference!”

What do you enjoy?





Writing your book




I love to walk through my garden after the kids are off to school and touch the dew, the earth smells rising, the morning coolness is magical, a time for fresh beginnings. When I was younger and lived in San Francisco, I would ride my bike to the Golden Gate Bridge and back before work. It only took fifteen minutes but I always started my days refreshed and with a huge smile.

The Year of Me is grounded in putting ourselves first so we can show up strong in the world, ready to give. Bringing ourselves a little light and happiness is a great way to do that. I tried it this week. I started my day by reading a book, not long, but enough to feel weird, a little bit guilty and oh so happy.  Just like a river flows around the rocks and pebbles, your day will flow around your choice of a few minutes in the morning. Not only did my day flow, but I was in a good mood and more focused on my work. Yes, maybe your to-do list won’t ever be finished, but rather than the elusive, “when I’m done,” don’t you want to be happy now?


Oh, and back to the dessert? I will give you a favorite recipe:

Blend Native Forest Organic Classic Coconut Milk in your blender at it’s highest speed. Pour it into a jar with a lid and refrigerate.

Later, wash some fresh berries, and spoon a few dabs of delicious coconut creme whip over the berries. Heaven. And good for you. Love.


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Mary Beth Myers - February 24, 2016 - 5:19 am

Delicious from top to bottom. Stop waiting to enjoy your favorite things. Thank you for the reminder. Love you.