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Curl! Don’t carry.

Canadian Olympic Committee
Photo copyright Canadian Olympic Committee

I can’t get this image out of my mind. It’s the Olympics. There is a heavy “stone” that needs to be transported to the target. One person initiates the stone’s journey, while the teammates sweep the ice in front of the stone in to create a smooth path towards the goal. I’m sure there is infinitely more delicacy and detail to this concept, but for me, it comes down to this. Curl, don’t carry.

Don’t carry that stone. Point it in the right direction, then sweep like hell to help it reach it’s target. First, the stone is responsible for itself. You carrying it would do nothing for the personal growth of the stone, or for your back which is still out since you carried your toddlers on your hip. Yes, you got it, this stone could represent your child going for their Eagle Scout, or just turning their homework in on Friday. Um, you’re not allowed to do it for them. This is not the fourth grade missions diorama.

I somehow have my hand in many pots right now. Imagine if I had to carry a stone for each one of them. No no no no. Not possible. Sweeping! I can do.

Even the things that are definitely my own, like my business. I still don’t have to carry it like a martyr. I can sweep my way through it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the things I am best at, my core-genius, is what also comes easy for me. Because it is easy for me, I sometimes assume it is easy for everyone. It’s not. This is what I should be doing with most of my time. It is the most fun, I’m good at it, and I help others who are not good at it. I’m sweeping again. Yes, I hear you saying, but what about those other things you don’t like or aren’t good at? Still sweep. Find someone to slide the stone (that it is their core genius) and you sweep to help it go smoothly.

When I’m feeling overburdened and exhausted, I look in the mirror and realize I’m picking up that burden. Flip that switch in your mind from doer of everything to facilitator. It has the added benefit of you getting out of your children, team or committee’s business and letting them guide their own stone. You do the sweeping.

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